Syncing is the core task of getting your eBay item also selling on Amazon.

Please checkout our short video tutorial, or click through the guide below to get a quick idea of how Syncing works.


The Sync window opens when you click Sync on the Dashboard.

Newly listed eBay items show up here in your queue ready to be cross-posted to Amazon.

When an item is synced it creates a new product listing on Amazon under an existing ASIN. The eBay and Amazon listings will remain in sync until the item sells (or you unsync it).

Kicksync Syncing

The first step is locating the ASIN for the item.

Click “Lookup ASIN” to open the ASIN search tool.

You can manually enter the ASIN but it is not recommended. An incorrect number typed in the field will trigger an error and will need to be resynced. Only ASIN’s will work in this field. (Not A UPC or other product identifier)

Kicksync Amazon ASIN Lookup Syncing

The ASIN search window allows you to find the item you are selling in Amazon’s catalog.

Your eBay title is copied into the search. If you use extra keywords it’s best to remove them. Crop the search down to Make and Model of the item. For the item depicted the suggested search would be “Canon ELPH 115.”

If you still can’t find your item, try altering its format. e.g. If it has a hyphen in the model or too many keywords, try removing them.

If your product is absolutely not on Amazon, you would need to create it by going to your Amazon seller central dashboard and creating your product giving it an ASIN in Amazon’s catalog. Then you would come back and Sync to the newly created ASIN.

We are adding ASIN product creation on Amazon in our next update.

Kicksync Product ASIN Search

Select “Adjust Images” and choose the photos from your items eBay gallery to push to your Amazon listings. These become your offer photos at Amazon. They are not the images on the master ASIN page.


If you are only seeing one image, it is because you are not using eBay’s gallery photos in your eBay listing.

Gallery photos on eBay are free and place your product  images in the top bar of your eBay product. (*see photo)

If you want more than one photo with your offer on Amazon, be sure to use the gallery images with your listings on eBay. You can then reorder or pick between then with the “Select Photos” option.

Next, you will set the condition on Amazon. If you are new to selling on Amazon and are selling used items, we find it best to under-describe your item rather than over describe.

Here are Amazon’s condition guidelines


Below that edit the “Condition Note”. This will appear with your photos in your offer on Amazon. This information is filled in from your condition note on eBay.

KickSync Amazon Condition Note

If your condition note is blank, then you are not using the condition note field in your description on eBay. Be sure to fill that field when making your eBay listings and your descriptions will be ready to go for Amazon.

The condition note shows up at the top of your listing on eBay, as in the image.

The inventory plan describes what you want Kicksync to do with the posting (and its synced relationship) after it is sold out.

Remove When Sold Out: When the item sells. We will keep it synced for 2 weeks with zero quantity. In this time if the order cancels or the sale does not complete it will be ready to be relisted. After the 2 weeks, the item is “Cleaned Up” freeing up the Sync. This option is best for sellers who make a new eBay listing for every item they sell.

Keep Around When Sold Out: When the item sells we will keep it synced indefinitely even though the item is sold out. This option is best for sellers who re-use their eBay listings and just continually increase the quantity.

This is a default account setting that can be changed from your sync settings menu.  i.e. what you choose there will be the default selection on this page.

Additionally, you can at any use the Clean Up button on the dash to free up your syncs.

KickSync Multichannel Inventory Management

Finally, you will want to research your best price for Amazon.  Use the “View On Amazon” button to view current offers on the ASIN.

You will want to factor in condition, your feedback rating vs. competitors, and international sellers,  to determine your best price for the market.

It’s worth noting, the lowest price is not always the winner on Amazon. Competing for the buy box by maintaining good seller ratings, will allow you to position your prices higher in the market.

KickSync View Amazon Prices

The confirmation at the bottom will submit your listing to Amazon for syncing.

Sync: will submit your item

Ignore: Is for an item you do not want to sync. Clicking Ignore keeps the from showing up again in your sync queue. It will go to the Ignored page on your inventory screen. You can search for it at any time if you want to sync it later.

Skip: will skip the item for now but keep it in your sync queue. It will reappear when you go to sync items again.

Cancel: closes the Sync window.

Kicksync Sync Syncing


speedy syncing


Start here to get an overview of how KickSync works.

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Keeping your eBay listing online when they expire is top priority so you don’t miss sales.

You must use Kicksync’s bulk relist tool, to avoid accidently posting an item that has sold on Amazon.



Maximizing your number of active Synced items is the best way to get the most out of your Kicksync account.

Find out about the Clean Up settings.

kicksync imac


There are many unique circumstances for online sellers. Those get even more complicated when the item is synced to multiple markets. Learn how to handle unique item issues here.

KickSync startup