Why an eBay-First Strategy Boosts Sales for Liquidation, Arbitrage, and Used Item Sellers

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Sounds crazy? Here me out. In the world of online selling, the platform you choose to start your product listings can significantly impact your success, and reduce your stress. For sellers dealing with liquidation, arbitrage, and of course used items, an eBay-first strategy can provide a host of advantages. Here are six key reasons why starting with eBay and syncing to Amazon can supercharge your sales, and more importantly protect your business.

1. eBay Doesn’t Compete with Sellers:

Unlike Amazon, eBay is not a seller itself and does not compete against its own sellers. This is a significant advantage for eBay sellers as they don’t have to worry about the platform undercutting their prices or prioritizing its own products for the Buy Box. With eBay, you have a level playing field, and your success is determined by your product quality, pricing strategy, and customer service as it should be.

2. The Power of Offer Images:

eBay’s focus on offer images allows sellers to effectively showcase their unique products across both platforms. When these offer images are synced to Amazon via KickSync, they can significantly improve your sell-through rate. High-quality images provide a clear and accurate representation of the product, which can reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction. While only available on Used, or New – Other type conditions, even images of the product in box increases buyer confidence. It is a worthy investment to boost the customer experience, and offer images ultimately protect your product against fraud returns anyways.  KickSync, by the way, is the only platform we know of supporting offer images.

3. Reducing Reliance on a Single Platform:

With the all-to frequent platform changes, product gating, and account level scares, selling on eBay first and syncing to Amazon maintains the strength of your Amazon sales, improved by offer images, but reduces your reliance on a single often  finicky selling platform. This diversification strategy can protect your business from fluctuations in a single marketplace and provide a more stable revenue stream. Product gating alone can turn a once profitable arbitrage haul, into a nightmare of overstock.

4. eBay’s Egalitarian Marketplace:

eBay offers a more egalitarian marketplace where your position in search, feedback and seller metrics, and ultimately sell-through rates are more in your control. Unlike other platforms, eBay provides a fair and balanced partnership, giving you more control over your success.

5. Superior Seller Support:

eBay has made huge strides in seller support compared to the non-existent Amazon seller services. With friendly, US-based seller support ready to talk through any issue, eBay provides a level of service that can make your selling experience smoother and more enjoyable.

6. Increased Sales and Better Price Points:

An eBay-first strategy can add up to 50% more to your sales. It gives you a liquidation strategy for stale inventory and ultimately gives you better price points by playing to the strength of each platform. By leveraging the unique advantages of both eBay and Amazon, you can maximize your sales and profitability.

Using a tool like KickSync, can offer significant advantages for liquidation, arbitrage, and used item sellers. By leveraging eBay’s unique features and robust market, sellers can streamline their operations, enhance their listings, and ultimately boost their sales. It’s a strategy worth considering for any seller looking to both maximize their success and prtect thier business.


kicksync ebay first


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