KickSync Feature: Improved UPC To ASIN Product Matching For Amazon


Why Can’t I Just Create All New Product Pages?

There’s an elephant in the inventory room. We get asked about it all the time. The good news is we like elephants! “What is this silliness you’re talking about,” you ask? The number one request we receive is “I have 1000 products on eBay and I want to create 1000 new product pages on Amazon.” The long and the short of it is, Amazon won’t let you, and you shouldn’t want to.  It will result in poor sales and will likely get your account into trouble with Amazon.

The first step to cross posting is identifying if and where your product is currently selling on Amazon.  Most inventory management software won’t tell you upfront, but this is the way Amazon works: They protect their catalog from duplicated products. The good news is at KickSync we are constantly focusing on this issue to improve your listing speed and protect your seller account. For you, that means less work and more sales.

Here’s an article from our help desk addressing the issue. Check it out for more info about duplicating products on Amazon: “I want to make all new product pages”

KickSync Feature: Refining UPC to ASIN matching.

So what are we doing about it? The first task to syncing any product to Amazon starts with finding it’s existing ASIN.  We have recently improved our product matching intelligence. If you use UPC’s in your listing on eBay, we’ll do our best to automatically align that to the correct ASIN on Amazon. If we find a match you’ll simply need to confirm the match on the sync page. Just like the ASIN search window, you can always click on the ASIN to open the Amazon product page and inspect the ASIN further.

UPC to ASIN match

Preselected ASIN for UPC matches.


In the event you don’t have a direct UPC match, just open the ASIN search window by clicking “Search For Product.” The window will open with a title search by default. you can click on the title of your eBay listing to perform a full title search again, or the UPC (if available from your eBay listing) to perform a UPC search.  Remember, you will get the best results by cropping the title down to make and model. Keywords like “Excellent condition” will throw off results. Often times there may be more than one UPC as sellers may have created a quantity variation for an item. (i.e. 1x, 3x, 5x of the product). So If the UPC is available it will usually yield the best results.


To search by UPC or ASIN just click on them.


Continued Matching Improvements.

We are now building in support for MPN (manufacturer part numbers) and always looking at better intelligence for KickSync to lean out the search process and help get your items matched up quickly.  Expect to see more releases in the coming months that refine the ASIN product search.

Have questions? You can always reach out through our help pages


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