eBay Seller? Start Selling On Amazon Now.

start selling on amazon

With so many tools out there to grow your eBay business, you’ve probably found yourself here peering over the walls of the seller’s sandbox and trying to figure out how you can start selling on Amazon. Well… welcome to KickSync! If you are an eBay seller we want to help you start selling on Amazon now.

eBay.com is an amazing marketplace You’ve likely found and fulfilled your selling niche there and are now ready for more. But how can you leverage your existing business to build out new markets? With KickSync you can take your existing inventory and open it up to a huge second marketplace.

Maybe you have already shopped around for a multichannel inventory solution? We did, and with prices ranging from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, it’s easy to be a little underwhelmed. It seems like everyone wants to sell you everything but straightforward access to the next market for your business. Even more, it seems like the amount of work to set up inventory synchronization is going to be massive and likely an ongoing time sink.

We figured, “Let’s do the one thing that will put guaranteed sales into your eBay business this week. Let’s make it as easy to setup and maintain as possible and have eBay sellers just log in to quickly cross-post their items. Let’s just help eBay sellers quickly start selling on Amazon.”

If there’s one thing I find new KickSync user are blown away by it is this. Not only do they increase sales, but they find their prices quickly moving up. When you sell on both markets, you get to price to the strength of both markets. Seeing a KickSync user start doubling a profit margin one the same item never gets old.

Stay tuned. We’re going to bring you keys tips for rapid multi-channel selling, and for getting the most out of your KickSync subscription.

Sell more. Sell better!



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