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This week from the Kicksync blog I wanted to point you in the direction of one of Skip McGrath bi-weekly summer installments of The Online Seller’s Resource. Skip has been around the eBay auction block for years and is a wealth of knowledge for sellers new and old. Whether you sell on eBay or Amazon, he’s bound to have some useful tips.

In that installment, Skip McGrath gave us his new recommendations for wholesale and arbitrage sellers to source new eBay inventory from.

We have used many of these ourselves over the years. When we were just getting started, small US wholesale and retail arbitrage allowed us to test the waters of new niches. We could find related products and see how we felt not only about the sales but the buyer behavior as well. For every product, there is a customer to be sure. But, for every product and niche, there is also a return rate along with unique customer communication. Identifying these early on was really important to our success.

discount dog looking for arbitrage deals

This issue of The OSR also brings us McGrath’s thought for FBA sellers so don’t skip over that. If you’re new to FBA, his thoughts are a great place to start.

Check out the most current issue of Skip McGrath’s newsletter here.

And, once you’ve found some new inventory, check out our Inventory Onboarding Guide!

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