How to: Start eBay Multi Channel Selling Right Now.

ebay multi channel selling

It may have begun with you summer “eBay clean-out” of the garage or by swinging open the doors of your new warehouse. One way or the other, you are in business. If you’re just starting online selling, having a serious plan of attack can be vital to those first few make or break months. If you are a year or two into your business, finding new ways to inch up the margin and drive sales can be even more critical. Pushing your inventory on eBay multi channel can help achieve both of these goals.

What is eBay Multi Channel Selling?

It’s the ability to take your active eBay inventory and cross-post it to another channel; specifically, Amazon.  The item is then simultaneously selling in sync across both platforms.

As sellers ourselves, we developed KickSync as an essential multi channel tool to help you:

1. Expanding eBay sales

I say expand just increase because it’s important to note that Ebay’s buyers are not Amazon’s customer base. By cross-listing your inventory into Amazon‘s marketplace, you are widening your output by a whole new channel of growth. Why would you build one small business when with minimal effort and cost you can build two? That basic principle of multi channel selling is what allows you to get so much more potential out of the same inventory

2. Improving your profit margins.

Always check market prices. As if increased sales weren’t motivation enough!

As an eBay seller it’s easy to get into the mindset that there is one fixed value for a particular item. When you look at comps for Amazon and eBay multi channel selling you realize there’s more than one price.  When we starting online selling that completely blew our minds.”-Steven, KickSync User.

Whether you are dealing with new or used merchandise, it’s critical to realize that for every market there are different customers and different price points. If you are just starting to expand into Amazon, don’t forget to research the market for each of your newly posted items. You’ll often find stark price differences between the two markets, and by selling to the strength of each market, you can easily find hidden profits where you never expected.

When is the right time to expand your business into a second channel? It depends on whether you want to work harder or smarter.  Start eBay multi channel selling today with KickSync.

Sell more. Sell better!



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